Berlin, deutschlandweit und international
„Das Glück ist keine leichte Sache: es ist sehr schwer, es in uns selbst, und unmöglich, es anderswo zu finden.“ Arthur Schopenhauer

Lily in sexy Dessous
Lily in sexy Dessous
Alter: 30
Augen: darkbrown
Größe: 173cm
Gewicht: 58kg
BH-Cup: 75C – Natur

Lily, 30

Life holds so many challenges – moments in which we have to fight, stand up for what is important for us, take courage and get out of our comfort zone…
Let’s be conscious about our time and let’s enjoy the beauty, welcome easy things into our lives as well. Allow yourself to enjoy and to do something good for yourself
To unleash the artist within you, as you are in a movie or a legend, just like that time passes with me.

Lily – Daten und Vorlieben

Herkunft: Arabic roots

Sprache: German, English and Arabic

Beruf: Physiotherapist

Interessen: Sauna, yoga, dance, travel, design, art

Musik: Jazz, orchestra, techno

Charakter: Passionate

Style: Elegant and vivid.

Cuisine: Italian, Indian

Drinks: Coffee, Gin Tonic, Whitewine

I like:
Switcher (can do both)
Menage a trois/Group
Sex Partys/Clubs
To seduce you!!
Super open to explore ..

No Anal
Pierced belly
Some small tattoos
I don’t smoke